about me, erika lynn

I’ve trained around the world in multiple methods of coaching, healing, counseling and bodywork — Yuen method, Access Consciousness, limited belief work, Acutonics, flower and elemental essences, NLP and more. I’ve spent years developing my intuitive, empathic gifts with world-renowned practitioners. When I work with you, I’ll pull from my toolbox of services and tailor to your specific goals and personality.

You may be experiencing one or more of these:

  • Would you like insight that isn’t from textbook psychiatry or yoga practice, but somewhere you just haven’t been yet?
  • Do you want not only guidance, but truth? Your truth? Would you like to hear your own truth more clearly?
  • Have you explored therapy and feel that the road is too treaded? Do you want a fresh approach that will cover new ground and help you work through things faster?
  • Are you looking for direct, honest, caring feedback, to help with your goals and what’s blocking you?
  • Are you struggling with something in your life, and want to discover the source and move past it?
  • Do you sense that you’re repeating your same old stories? Buying into your own falsehoods? Do you want to blow off the dust and see what’s really underneath? Sometimes it takes someone else helping us see what we’re not looking at before we can make a shift.

Erika Lynn Seattle Energy CoachThese are a few things that have drawn people to my work. I’ll combine my methods in a way that suits you and will give you not only results, but a mix that you’re comfortable with.

That’s not to say that personal growth is “comfortable.” I will encourage you to look at yourself clearly, and everyone has their own pace with that. We’ll work at yours.

If your coach goes too slowly, you won’t reach results at the speed you want.

If your coach pushes too hard or fast, you won’t be working in tandem.

I work with you. As your coach, I bring my tools, intuitive skills and expertise to where you are. And that’s where we work and play.

— erika