I recently felt that I needed a style change to match all the other wonderful changes in my life. One of my friends who is also a client, is a hair colorist. She is very talented and has great vision in regard to bringing out the beauty in each of us. I decided after being a blond for 12 years to make my hair  a very rich, dark, reddish-brown. It was exciting, and yet I felt unsure of my decision. When I was finished, I thought I had made a mistake and I wasn’t sure if it was for me. The colorist and the hair stylist agreed that my hair would need to go darker and to come back in a few days. They gave me tips on how to do my makeup and clothing, and assured me there would be an adjustment period!

As I was leaving the salon, I had a thought go thru my head. “Is my beauty tied up in the color of my hair?  Do I only see myself as attractive with blond hair?”
I really had to take a moment and ask myself if I truly liked myself  for who I am.
Do I find myself to be truly attractive?
It’s funny. When you take away something that defines ones physical beauty, then you are left with your inner beauty only. I felt proud to like who I was and I think I felt a sense of love for whom I truly am. The new hair color began to be part of that beauty. I went back today and when  they adjusted the color, it came out unbelievably nice, which left me with a whole new look and perception on the inside and on the outside.

Look inward and ask yourself,  “Without my best feature would I still love myself?”

Authentic Path