Stop figuring it out!

Stop figuring out the future

Many clients tell me that they don’t understand what I mean when I ask them, “Does it feel light or heavy in your body?” When something is heavy it feels like an annoying nag, some people feel uncertain, others have a sick feeling and many associate heaviness with an inability […]

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Beauty Inside

I recently felt that I needed a style change to match all the other wonderful changes in my life. One of my friends who is also a client, is a hair colorist. She is very talented and has great vision in regard to bringing out the beauty in each of us. I […]

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Leaving behind 2010…..

The following was my horoscope for the last week of December.  I  challenge each of you to embrace this message and start off the New Year with gratitude for all your teachers in the year  2010!! — Richard Grossinger is a humble person well adept in the high art of gratitude. On his website, […]

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Purple Crocus…..the first flower of spring

I have had so many experiences with flower essences, yet I am still blown away when they heal someone. I never stop feeling amazed by their their power and loving energy!I am enjoying a feeling of calm and overall gratitude today.  I contribute this to the flowers essences that I take. I am […]

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Flower Energy

I will begin with my story and I hope that by sharing it with you that I can help others seaching for an easier, graceful way to their purpose.  Everyone has boundries, limitations and beliefs that we set as a child.  Words and actions that we have seen or heard growing up, that we […]

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