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Thank you for taking the energy to shift & honor a change in this part of your life! This course is about bringing awareness into your love world. Who is your perfect partner? Do you feel worthy of them showing up in your life? Some of you may already have a love and would like to have more awareness around that person and/or raise the vibration. By doing this course you will feel more empowered to choose a perfect love in your life.

One of the main ingredients in consciously manifesting your dreams and desires is knowing how to ask for what you want. When you ask in a firm, clear, and receptive way, it’s as if you are throwing a powerful magnetic boomerang into the universe that will soon return with your desired outcome. The goal is to throw out a very specific request, yet not be attached to how it comes back to you. This shows that you are clear (and sincere) about letting go control of your desire, and surrendered to receiving the highest possible outcome. By releasing your attachment to how your desire shows up for you, it naturally starts the manifestation process. The moment you actually throw this metaphorical boomerang, you know that, even if your focus changes briefly, it will fly back to you very soon!

I decided to start this 14-day course on February 14th, using the month of LOVE to ask for what we desire. February is a month to honor our friends and love those in our lives, in addition to inviting more LOVE towards us.  This course is about you loving yourself more and actualizing the perfect partner for you!

The investment in this program is $40. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with personal access to the course page on my website.

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