41-lightAuthentic Path is excited to introduce a special series of workshops for people who are curious about energy work but don’t know where to start. These 2-hour workshops are conducted in small groups and designed to provide an introduction to the world of energetic healing and personal growth. New and current clients are invited to gather a group of friends who are interested in learning more about Authentic Path for an evening of health and wellness. During the session Erika Lynn will facilitate and guide participants through all layers of health, wellness, purpose and relationships to unveil choice, possibility, and authenticity. This is a great introduction to learn how everything is energy and how by changing energy our lives change.

The workshops will take place in the evenings from 7-9pm at Urban Worklofts in Seattle, or available off-site by request. The cost per person is $25 and the group must consist of a minimum of 6 people. The Intro to Vibrational Alignment classes are an easy and affordable way to experience the diverse range of services available at Authentic Path.

To book please call 206.351.3463 or email Erika@authenticpath.net.