The following was my horoscope for the last week of December.  I  challenge each of you to embrace this message and start off the New Year with gratitude for all your teachers in the year  2010!!

— Richard Grossinger is a humble person well adept in the high art of gratitude. On his website, he has a page devoted to expressing  appreciation for the 71 best teachers that have touched his life. His testimony is both a riveting and touching reminder of how each of us is a creation of all the important people we have both loved and have hated as well.  Compiling such a list should be a rite of passage for anyone who aspires to be an authentic human being. There will never be a better time then the year 2011 for you to do this yourself.

Feeling gratitude for those who challenge us most is truely what propels us onto our authentic journey. 2011 will challenge each of us to our core. So continue to go look toward the gratitude when you lose your way.