Happy spring everyone! Change is abundant this time of year, apparent with the blossoming trees, longer days and increasing temperatures. More than ever spring 2012 represents tons of internal change, paving the way for huge life expansions in the summer months.

Whether you’re experiencing a shift in your career path, entering (or exiting) a relationship, or inviting new awarenesses for vitality in your life, I can’t stress enough the importance of hands on body processing in addition to the work we do in our sessions. The body is a sensate, sensorial organism that is constantly giving you information. I’ve recently learned over 65 new body processes and am blown away by the expansiveness they are providing for my clients.

I’m so excited about these new tools and want you to experience them as well! During the month of May, I’m offering a Complimentary 45 Minute Bars or Body Processing Session With the Purchase of Any Block of THREE Sessions with me.

Your body wants to give you the awareness of the energy of the world around you. What would it take for us all to perceive energy exactly as it is this spring?

-Erika Lynn