I have had so many experiences with flower essences, yet I am still blown away when they heal someone. I never stop feeling amazed by their their power and loving energy!
I am enjoying a feeling of calm and overall gratitude today.  I contribute this to the flowers essences that I take. I am so blessed at how much they have helped me and have changed my life. They have removed the negative aspects in the darkest, deepest parts of my soul which I call my shadow side. As those patterns lift, and the pains that I didn’t even know existed release, I feel FREE!

It is in the 40’s and raining. It is dreary and dark and honestly not my favorite type of weather. It makes me want to crawl under the covers. Then I am reminded of Purple Crocus…..the first flower of spring. The essences of the Purple Crocus allow us to feel wonderfully alive. In early spring they poke their heads out of the frozen ground, ignoring the cold and listening to the rhythms of spring. It reminds me to listen to my rhythms even while withstanding the cold. They remind me of my inner beauty, just as they remind us of the beauty coming ahead, after the dark, dreary winter.

Good for depression and vitamin D deficiency.