Stop figuring out the future

Many clients tell me that they don’t understand what I mean when I ask them, “Does it feel light or heavy in your body?” When something is heavy it feels like an annoying nag, some people feel uncertain, others have a sick feeling and many associate heaviness with an inability to make up their mind about a decision that is weighing on them. That is HEAVY. Light is a “knowing”, it feels good, it’s a happy sensation and an upward movement. When you listen to these awarenesses in your body making decisions in your life get easier and the choices you make become more authentic.

Here’s how the Heavy/Light tool can work in real life:

One of my clients was recently invited by another friend on a surprise trip. Although the trip seemed like a lot of fun and all the expenses were paid, my client had a nagging feeling that she shouldn’t go. So after much deliberation she used the heavy/light tool and decided that she had to decline the invitation despite the fact that the airline tickets were already purchased and travel accommodations had already been made. Her friend was not happy about the decision and the situation really put their friendship into question, but despite all of this, my client continued to follow her awareness and stick with her decision to skip the trip. In fact, as soon as she told her friend she would not be able to go, she immediately felt like a weight had been lifted. Several weeks passed until the date of the cancelled trip came and it was on the eve of the “would be” trip that my client’s father suffered a massive heart attack. Had she gone on the trip, she would not have been present to help out during a major family emergency.

The moral of the story? Trust your knowing. Deep down we all know more than we sometimes allow ourselves to know. It may not always be convenient or seem rational but there’s a reason why your intuition is often referred to as your “sixth sense”.