teen pressures and belonging1

Help your teen get through depression and stress — by learning autonomy

The teen years are an exciting — and scary — time. Full of risks and mistakes. That’s why teens need to learn to tune in to their deepest feelings, and sort their own thoughts. Helping them make conscious choices, and clearing what’s in the way, will align them with their goals, vibrance and authenticity.

In other words, they need to learn autonomy — in a healthy way. Not for rebellion. For self-care.

In new situations, teens can be pressured to do or be something they’re not.

Teens may feel pressure around grades. They could by trying to figure out sexuality and relationships, or what to do when offered drugs. They may try things they don’t want to, hoping to fit in. Then they feel lost and become depressed when they can’t find their internal compass. In the teenage years, this compass can be either encouraged or suppressed.

Peers can affect moods, too — especially if your teen is an empath.

An empath feels other people’s emotions, in addition to his/her own. Unidentified, this quality can be overwhelming to a teen. Even this simple understanding can be a huge “aha” and relief.

Beyond school and peers, there may be challenges at home.

Both parents may be stressed and working. If there’s a divorce, the teen may ping-pong — not sure where to call home.

When teens are stressed, they often withdraw. They may stop communicating and become depressed. And sometimes a parent is the last person teens want advice from when they’re struggling.

I can help by being an outside source of guidance.

As an Alignment Coach, I help teens get to the root of their challenges and learn to listen to their own internal compass. Learning this early in life bears exponential gifts as they grow older!

Your teen can join me and other teens for a day-long workshop full of insight and fun.

Even one day of exploring these topics can give teens relief. They’ll go home with new tools for self-guidance. I’ll pull from my toolbox of methods to empower each individual to love and value their unique selves.

This is how I help them realign with themselves. I encourage their own, Authentic Path.


No current workshops scheduled. Please check back or contact me directly to schedule a private workshop.

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